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The George Center provides music therapy services to metro-Atlanta.

Transitioning From the Academic to Professional World. post image

I had the fortunate opportunity to begin my professional career at the same site I interned. Because I entered into my professional world in a familiar and comfortable environment, I anticipated little issue transitioning from intern to full-time therapist. Also, [...]

Music Therapy | Alive Inside

You know how every time there's some new, inspiring viral video making the rounds through Facebook, there's always some dude somewhere who has to spoil all the fun? He rains on the Ice Bucket Challenge. He tells you that video [...]

What Our Patients Want to Know About Music Therapy Insurance Coverage post image

One of the most common questions we are asked when someone inquires about our services is “Will our insurance cover music therapy?” Well… that's a loaded question. Off the cuff, my answer would be, “yes”, however, there are so many [...]

10 Frequently Asked Questions ANSWERED Regarding Music Therapy and Insurance Reimbursement post image

Navigating the insurance maze can be a confusing and intimidating process, especially when verifying your therapy benefits. To make matters worse, most insurance company customer service representatives are not aware that music therapy is often a covered service, so they [...]

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