Music. Healthcare. Perfect Harmony.

The George Center provides music therapy services to metro-Atlanta.

Patient Preferred Music

You ever ask to look through someone’s iPod? Why don’t you give it a shot right now, go ask a friend, co-worker, your son or daughter, whoever, if you can look through their playlists. I’d be willing to bet you’ll [...]

Music Therapy | How Long to Try

There are a few words and phrases in the therapy and developmental disabilities world that should always make you raise your eyebrows and be skeptical. The biggest is "guaranteed." Any therapy that "guarantees" success is likely being less than honest with [...]

Old People Rock Band

Picture this: you walk into a room full of people in their 80's and 90's with an electric guitar, amp, drum set, and more. Then you use those instruments to start blasting some Clash. How well do you think that [...]

Music Therapy | Rock Band

Belgrave, M. (2011). The effect of a music therapy intergenerational program on children and older adults’ intergenerational interactions, cross-age attitudes,   older adults’ psycho-social well being. Journal of Music Therapy, 48(4), 486-508.  As my internship draws closer to an end [...]

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