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The George Center provides music therapy services to metro-Atlanta.

2015 Music Therapy Social Media (SELLING) Month post image

  When you hear the word ‘sell’, what are your thoughts? If you’re like many, the word ‘sell’ or ‘salesman’ has almost become taboo. When you hear the word ‘advocate’, what are your thoughts? You probably have a much softer [...]

Music Therapy | Let It Go

"Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back any more!" That is what I envision is going through the mind of a nonverbal client when they utter their first word. It’s magical and heart warming. As a therapist, [...]

Adaptive Lessons in Atlanta

Take the last word in that title and replace it with any number of musical instruments: guitar, trombone, bass, violin, piano, etc. The list goes on. We get that question quite frequently from parents whose children begin taking adaptive lessons from [...]


After spending a week at our national conference in Louisville, Kentucky, one thing's for sure: music therapy is GROWING! From the number of clients we serve, to press coverage of our field, to legal recognition by state governments, music therapy [...]

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