Music. Healthcare. Perfect Harmony.

The George Center provides music therapy services to metro-Atlanta.

The Oreo Anomaly post image

Over the course of the past few weeks, myself and a few other coworkers have experienced the pleasure of ridiculous, unhealthy, sweet, gluttonous glory that is eating a pack of Oreo cookies. It began with Lana stashing an “emergency” pack [...]

Familiar vs. Novelty post image

It’s taken me awhile but after living here for a little over a year I feel like I can officially call myself an Atlantan. I’ve embraced the ya’lls, the unpredictable weather, and most importantly the traffic! Podcasts have become my [...]

Music Therapy in the NICU post image

The NICU is a scary place for parents. They watch their little ones sleep in little beds, swaddled with wires and cords, all hooked to machines that beep and blink. Then we (music therapists) come in to the, already terrifying, [...]

CREATE This Summer at GCMT! post image

I think we can all agree, sometimes you just need to create. It’s one of the reasons why music therapy works. It is therapeutic to express yourself freely. For those that have difficulty expressing themselves verbally, socially, or in an emotionally [...]

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