Shanna DeJoseph

Shanna DeJoseph is a Board-Certified and Licensed Music Therapist joining us from Richmond, Virginia. She has her advanced certificate in Neurologic Music Therapy, and has stepped into the role of Clinical Training Director at The George Center. She is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where she minored in clarinet performance. Shanna has enjoyed playing her clarinet around the world and still loves to play whenever she can. Shanna has a strong background in the clinical mental health setting, but also has several years of experience working with children and adults with special needs. She enjoys teaching guitar and rock band at The Cottage School in Roswell, Georgia.  

In her free time, Shanna loves running marathons, climbing mountains, completing triathlons, drawing, swimming, camping, and tending to her sunflower garden. She is always up for a new physical pursuit, and can usually be found running around Roswell in the early morning. Country line dancing is one of her hidden talents, and she tries to go as often as she can. She has a unique ability to turn almost every situation into a reference from the TV show "Friends," and her favorite color is tie-dye. A rare morning person, Shanna tries to never miss a sunrise.   

An Ohio native, Shanna is a die-hard Ohio State Buckeye fan and talks about nothing other than college football in the fall.  

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