Music Therapy Assisted childbirth 

The George Center is proud to support parents and families in preparation, during labor and birth, and in postpartum transition. The continuity of care that you will receive from your music therapist will enhance your experience as she offers informational, physical, and emotional support throughout your birthing journey. Trained in the Sound Birthing Method, The George Center provides specialized and individualized music therapy for mothers, couples, and babies. The Sound Birthing Method uses carefully designed music programs to create a birth experience that is calm, safe and supportive for the mother and child. 

As always, we are happy to set up a free meeting and consultation to see if Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth or Birth Music might be a welcome addition to your birth plan. 

MTACB families receive 1 FREE month of Bloom in Music classes to facilitate bonding between parent and child!

What clients are saying about MTACB

“Music was the third person in the room. When the contractions were the strongest, the
music drew me in. When I felt respite, the music and toning gave me strength. When it
came time to push, the music was the driving force. And when we held our child for the
first time, we played his special song to welcome him. I don’t think I could have achieved
the natural childbirth I desired without the music.” – New Mother from Roman Music
Therapy Services

“When we decided to do this I thought you were going to be a DJ for our birth. Wow was
I wrong... I had no idea what a spiritual experience this would be and how it would bring
us all together in the birth. It was amazing.”- New Father from Sound Birthing Pre and
Peri Natal Music Therapy Services (Update- they also had a second Sound Birthing
experience that was even more powerful than the first.)

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