Individual Music Therapy


The George Center for Music Therapy offers 1-on-1 music therapy sessions for clients in the metro-Atlanta area.  Sessions are one hour long, utilizing 50 minutes for treatment and 10 minutes for documentation and communication with caregivers.

In a typical session, a board-certified music therapist will facilitate music-based interventions (such as instrument playing, movement-to-music, or singing songs) designed to address individualized goals for their clients.  Such goals may include:

  • Improved motor functioning
  • Communication
  • Cognitive skills
  • Behavior modification

Sessions may include instrument playing, singing, and dancing and/or movement, A sample of techniques utilized within the music therapy setting include music mnemonics, presentation of social or communication scripts through music cuing, music as a motivator or reinforcing stimulus, music to assist in task sequencing, presentation of language concepts through song format, and support of cause & effect goals through the use of musical instruments.

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