Heather Hiley 

Heather’s instrumental strengths are:

  • Voice

  • Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Piano

  • Orff Instruments

Heather’s Core Values are SERVICE, EMPATHY, and COMMUNITY.

Heather Hiley is our newest team member at The George Center as of February 2019. Heather finished her undergraduate coursework at Converse College in May 2017 and her internship will complete her Music Therapy degree. At Converse, Heather was able to observe a number of music therapists in her area and have clinical experiences in an assisted living group, an inpatient hospice, pediatrics and the NICU, as well as a special education classroom. Since finishing at Converse, Heather has spent her time teaching private music lessons and classes in Anderson, SC. Since high school, Heather has also been very active in organizing and providing music in many different churches.

During her time at The George Center, Heather is looking forward to observing a variety of therapies, gaining more clinical experience, and attending every conference that she can. After her internship, Heather is considering following a career in music therapy assisted childbirth and/or in a children’s hospital.

In her free time, Heather enjoys finding local open mics to watch and participate in, attending Silent Dinners to practice ASL, and going to the movies with her fiancé. She can’t wait to learn more about the Atlanta area while she’s here and get involved with the community.