The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree Intergenerational Preschool Program offers older adults (whom we call Grandfriends) and children (Grandkids) the opportunity to interact through a medium that is familiar and comfortable. Our Bloom in Music curriculum provides structured interaction developed by highly trained therapists who specialize in childhood development through end of life care. Our curriculum is especially designed to create lasting memories through singing, dancing, and instrument play.  Recently, we were featured in Atlanta Magazine for our groundbreaking work in intergenerational programming. To view that article, click HERE!

Research shows that intergenerational programs benefit older adults as it aids in decreasing feelings of isolation and depression in older adults, steadies heart rates, and promotes a longer and happier quality of life. In children, the research shows that they more quickly advance in social development and lessen the stigma around older adults and aging. 

We offer TWO 30-minute options designed to have maximum attendance from preschoolers at your facility to provide the most interaction with residents that culminate each semester with a performance open to parents of Grandkids, children of Grandfriends, and friends and partners in the community. 

Programs run in 3 semesters, Fall (August-December), Spring (January-May), and Summer (June-July/early August).

Option 1: Preschool Partners  

We will help partner you with a local preschool that can transport its students to your facility. This is a great option because it offers consistency in attendance with students who are of similar ages (4-6). Teachers help to facilitate interactions with your residents and Grandkids independently interact!

Option 2: Drop-in 

This program reaches out to your local community to invite stay-at-home parents and their children to your facility. Its fun to watch moms help their little ones develop relationships with your residents for whom they want to come back and participate in other events at your facility!

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Care Giver Testimonial - Memory Care

For more information, please contact our Director of Senior Services, Melissa Pate, at or call 678-701-1203.