[VIDEO] Paperwork - A Cups Parody

Oh, we're excited about this one folks! A while back, the team here at The George Center put our heads together and tried to think of a creative solution to encourage our new clients to get their paperwork and other necessary forms in a timely manner so that services can start quickly and smoothly.

We decided: what better way to modify behavior than through music, right? I mean, that's what we do everyday! So after a lot of lyric writing, some intense practice, and one long evening of filming, we have a music video to show off!

If you're already a client of The George Center, consider this a friendly reminder to send in updated reports from your speech language pathologist, psychologist, doctor, occupational therapist, I.E.P., etc. If you're a new client, we need it all! If you're none of those: just enjoy!

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5 Videos of Feel-Good, Spontaneous Music Making

Hey y'all, it's Friday!

Your Friday needs some fun videos that will make you smile. And there's nothing that can brighten your mood like some feel-good, spontaneous music making! Check out these 5 videos of people's normal everyday lives being interrupted by some music making!


Link to video

Those of us who live in Atlanta know the pains of traffic jams all too well. This guy knows how to make traffic JAM (...alright, I apologize for that one, that was terrible.)


Link to video

Music therapist use music to modify behavior everyday. But these guys figured out how to modify the behavior of a whole population!


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How about a little saxophone battle to brighten your morning commute?


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How might you react if one of the world's best violinist was playing in a subway stop on your way to work? Many people in this video walk on by, but a few are cognizant enough of their surroundings to realize what they're being treated to.


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This...is my favorite thing ever. I still remember the first time I played my instrument with a group. I literally remember the entire experience of playing that very first note (and it was a warm up note for a middle school band...not pretty, I'm sure). It's just such a powerful experience!

So watching the expressions on these people's faces when they get to experience something similar is just fantastic. What a testament to the power of music!

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Image credit: Flickr user anyjazz65

Activity Video: I'm a Great Big Apple Tree

Fall is here, and Jordan has a great activity for us you can try at home that works on labeling body parts! Plus, you get to make pretend sneezes, and that's super fun.


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5 Chill Inducing Music Therapy Videos on YouTube

We often say music therapy is one of those things that sounds odd until you see it in action, and then you realize it's one of the most intuitive health interventions out there. What better way to see music therapy in action than by using YouTube? Here's a collection of some of our favorite music therapy videos on YouTube!


Pacifier Activated Lullaby

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy is possibly one of the coolest branches of our field. In this video, we see an infant using the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL) device invented by Dr. Jayne Standley at Florida State University. The device plays music whenever the infant sucks the pacifier, thus teaching them to feed themselves! The George Center has TWO NICU music therapists on staff.


Gabby Giffords working with a music therapist

In this video, we get to see the instantaneous effect music therapy can have. Here, we see Representative Gabrielle Giffords going through speech rehabilitation exercises, and becoming frustrated when the words won't come out. Then, when singing a song, the words flow. At about 3:30 into the video, we see an awesome interview with music therapist Meagan Morrow, who worked with Rep. Giffords. This video will give you chills.


Music therapy in Parkinson's Disease

Here's a great video highlighting some of the ways music therapy is used with patients with Parkinson's Disease.


Music therapy TED Talk with Tim Ringold

Our colleague Tim Ringold gave the first ever TED Talk on music therapy in this video. It's short, poignant, and will probably elicit a tear.


What Music Therapists Want You To Know, by The George Center

*ahem* Now, we may just be a TAD bit biased, but we're quite fond of this music therapy video on YouTube. If you're new around here, we put this video together in January for Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month.

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"In and Out and Under," A Song for Groundhog Day!

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!  Everyone's favorite rodent-based holiday!  If you thought there's no way you can learn anything from Groundhog Day, think again.  Our newest music therapist, Tasia Dockery, has a great song for teaching prepositions!

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My Favorite Christmas Album

Happy Monday morning!  We hope you all had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving break.  The Monday after Thanksgiving break usually sees most people dragging as they return to work on Monday, but it also means the kick-off of the holiday season!  And that means it's finally time to break out the holiday music!

I love Christmas music.  I force myself to hold off listening to any until the Friday after Thanksgiving.  But now, the flood gates are open!  However, like anybody else, it can get old quickly.  Especially when you're talking about some of the cheesier recordings out there.  Something I really try to do as a music therapist, no matter who I'm working with, is to only use high quality music.  Instruments, recordings, anything.  I want to make sure it's GOOD music!  Granted, this is partially so I don't get burned out on certain music.

In the case of Christmas music, I have a favorite album that I absolutely LOVE using.  I must warn you, it's a little unconventional.  It's Bob Dylan's "Christmas in the Heart."  Yes, Bob Dylan (in true Bob Dylan style) singing all your favorite Christmas hits.  I LOVE this album.

His rendition of "Must Be Santa" cracks me up, and I love using it in my groups.  The frantic pace of the song makes doing the traditional movements extra fun.  Plus, the music video is over-the-top silliness:

What are some of your favorite holiday tunes?  Share some in the comments!

VIDEO: Science Style (Gangnam Style Parody/Piggyback)

Haven't heard enough of our Gangnam Style Parody yet?  Well, now you can lean the scientific method in video form!  Check out the video we made (shot on location in our new clinic!), and spread it around to your friends (we're not above a little viral marketing ;) ).  SCIENCE STYLE!

A music therapy program at your school can be a great way to teach academic concepts to students with learning difficulties.  Talk to us today, and let's create a program that will enrich your students' learning experience!