Activity Video: I'm a Great Big Apple Tree

Fall is here, and Jordan has a great activity for us you can try at home that works on labeling body parts! Plus, you get to make pretend sneezes, and that's super fun.


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FREE Song Download: Fireworks Up in the Sky

The 4th of July is tomorrow! This has always been one of my favorite holidays (I'm a sucker for patriotic songs, what can I say).

I think just about everyone in our wonderful country has strong memories of watching fireworks shows on the 4th, taking in the bright lights, loud sounds, and beautiful colors.

So what better way to work on color recognition than a fireworks song? I wrote this one a few years back, and I get double use out of it for Independence Day AND New Years!

You can add whatever colors you want by making up your own lyrics too. Just be careful with orange, might hurt your brain....


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Image credit: Ian Kluft (Wikipedia Commons)

We're Going on an Egg Hunt!

It’s the week before Easter and throughout the George Center,

Eggs have been shaking. Goodbye cold winter.

Easter egg hunts are very common this time of year. This week at the George Center, we put a musical twist to a old classic:  Musical Easter Egg Hunt. All of our clients are familiar with our egg shakers. This week, we addressed social skills by taking turns hiding the egg shakers around the room. Once all the eggs were hidden, the client and therapist would find the eggs that were hidden around the room. Sounds like a typical egg hunt right? But aren’t all music therapy sessions tailored to therapeutic goals?

Of course they are!

So how did we take this basic setup and fit it to each of our clients’ individual goals and objectives? For our clients who are taking lessons on the piano or guitar, cards with rhythm patterns were hidden with the egg. In order to put the egg the client found in the basket, the client had to play the rhythm on the card with the egg shaker. For our clients who are working on receptive communication skills, they had cards hidden with their eggs with fun directions for them to follow. Some of the directions included “Make a silly sound”, “Hop 5 times”, and “Clap your hands 4 times”. Our clients who are working on social skills got to work on turn taking and participating in a social activity.

The George Center wishes everyone a happy spring!

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"In and Out and Under," A Song for Groundhog Day!

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!  Everyone's favorite rodent-based holiday!  If you thought there's no way you can learn anything from Groundhog Day, think again.  Our newest music therapist, Tasia Dockery, has a great song for teaching prepositions!

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Music Therapy Advocacy Music Video

January is Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month!  Check out the promotions page to read all the great participating blogs, and check out all our posts so far!

Now, what kind of music therapists would we be if we didn't sing you a song about music therapy and advocacy?  Bad ones!  We're proud to present: "What Music Therapists Want You To Know," a piggyback song of "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye, with the fabulous cover and video by Walk Off The Earth.

Enjoy, and please share!  Lyrics and FREE song download are below the video!

Now and then I think of those affected by music therapy

Like those with autism, Alzheimer's or pain

Parkinson's or TBI, cancer or drug rehab

When there's a need music therapy is there to heal

Music therapy addresses different goals

Physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs

Playing instruments and singing songs

Clients develop skills for life long

Progressive goals are tracked with measurable objectives


MT's are using music to work on clinical goals for people of all ages

It's so much more than singing songs, we're designing and implementing treatment plans

Educated, trained, board certified, 1200 hours of clinical contact

Using rhythm, rhyme, and melody, many who can't talk are often able to sing.

Our musical approach has support in evidence-based research

From childhood development to stroke rehabilitation

Music can rewire the brain, relax the body, reduce pain

There is much more our research shows

and everyday our knowledge of the brain and music grows and grows


MT's are using music to work on clinical goals for people of all ages

It's so much more than singing songs, we're designing and implementing treatment plans

Music therapy is functional, we meet goals while bringing joy and dignity to treatment

MT for procedural support, decreases pain, sedation, cost, anxiety.

Our modality is crazy motivational.

VIDEO: Music Therapy Minute

We'd like to introduce a new segment on The George Center Blog: The Music Therapy Minute!  A quick video detailing music therapy information.

In this installment, Jamie shows us how to ice skate indoors with your client.  No sub-freezing temperatures required!


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My Favorite Thanksgiving Song

Ahhh, Thanksgiving.  Four of my favorite things all wrapped into one: food, football, fall, and the start of the Christmas season!  How can you go wrong?

Unfortunately, just as retailers seem to ignore Thanksgiving and switch right on over to Christmas (KA-CHING!), musicians seem to have given Thanksgiving the shaft too!  Quick, how many Thanksgiving songs can you name?  That's what I thought.

So we music therapists have to get a bit creative.  So I present to you, my favorite "Thanksgiving" song: What A Wonderful World.


"But Andrew, that song doesn't say the word "Thank" once!"

Oh c'mon, read those lyrics!  I love this song because it's all about appreciating the things in our life that we all too often take for granted.  The trees of green, the skies of blue, babies crying.  How often do we see these things every day?  How often to we think to ourselves: "Wow!  That tree is just beautiful!  What a miraculous thing this tree is!"

The answer to that question is far too infrequently.  To me, Thanksgiving is a reminder to be thankful for things that we might otherwise take for granted.  Sadly, I don't stop and think about how thankful I am to have such a wonderful job working for such a wonderful company, working with wonderful clients in a wonderful city, state and nation.  I don't stop and think about how lucky I really am to have a roof over my head, food on my plate, and clothes on my back.  Thanksgiving is a reminder that none of this is guaranteed to me, and I should savor every last bit of it.

And isn't that what the song "What a Wonderful World" is all about?  Savoring the simple things in our lives?

When I use this song with clients, I usually have them learn American Sign Language translations of the lyrics using this fantastic tool from Michigan State University (who offered the very first academic program in music therapy!)  I then have them try to figure out why this song represents the spirit of Thanksgiving so well.

On behalf of The George Center, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving.  May the company be warm, the food filling, the air cool and crisp, and may fortune favor your favorite football team (unless you root for Florida, in which case I'm sorry to inform you that fortune is busy favoring the team in North Florida ;) ).

Happy Thanksgiving!

VIDEO: Science Style (Gangnam Style Parody/Piggyback)

Haven't heard enough of our Gangnam Style Parody yet?  Well, now you can lean the scientific method in video form!  Check out the video we made (shot on location in our new clinic!), and spread it around to your friends (we're not above a little viral marketing ;) ).  SCIENCE STYLE!

A music therapy program at your school can be a great way to teach academic concepts to students with learning difficulties.  Talk to us today, and let's create a program that will enrich your students' learning experience!