Round Up, September 30th

Happy new week! There were some stories on how music affects the brain in some big name publications this week that we're excited to share with you, but we're going to lead things off with a very special article to our crew here at The George Center. Check it out!

Sweet music to their ears (Atlanta Journal Constitution)


Our very own Jamie George was featured in an interview for the Atlanta Journal Constitution! If you follow us on Facebook, you've already seen this one. The article is mainly about the music therapy licensure bill that Jamie was integral in getting passed. #2 on my prediction list has been fulfilled with 3 months to spare.

The Power of Music to Affect the Brain (NPR)


You can click the link or listen to the story right here! This is a cool story from NPR all about how music effects the brain, and even details some specific music therapy techniques.

How Music Makes Us Feel Better (The New Yorker)

While not specifically about music therapy, this is a neat long form write up in the New Yorker about some research being done in Japan about how music effects our emotions.

Actress Daryl Hannah is an Autistic Woman (Forbes)

Daryl Hannah is an actress who has appeared in films such as "Wall Street" and "Kill Bill." She also revealed this week that she has autism. Autism is far more common in males than females, and this article discusses some of the details behind that. However, it can be very encouraging for parents and for individuals with autism to see highly successful public figures. It also can help change negative public perceptions of autism. I think that why this story has gained so much attention.

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