3 Studies on the Cost Benefits of Music Therapy

Dated references to 90's movies aside, let's face it: budgets are tight right now. Doesn't matter if you're an individual, family, or healthcare facility. Whether you're state-funded, non-profit, or a privately held, starting new programs and hiring new people might just be out of the question until economic conditions improve.

But what if the program you were starting would actually save money? Better yet, what if it saved money without sacrificing quality of care? Better still, what if it improved quality of care? Got your attention?


We talk a lot on here about the benefits of music therapy for an individuals health and well-being, be it in individual private therapy settings or in hospitals, assisted living facilities, or clinics. But starting a music therapy program at a facility does bring new costs. We tip toe around the subject of finances in therapy sometimes because we all have therapist hearts, but let's face it, sometimes you just gotta say (all together now):

"Show me the money!"

Oh, I'll show you the money. What are the benefits of music therapy for a healthcare facilities bottom line? Can it save money while simultaneously improving outcomes?

Read on, Dear Reader. Here are 3 studies that support the cost benefits of music therapy:


Music therapy reduces cost per patient in hospice music therapy by $2,984.

In this study, music therapy reduced costs per patient by almost three thousand dollars. The program itself cost $3615, resulting in a cost-benefit ratio of .83. When using cost-per-patient-day, the ratio improves to .95. This indicates that in a hospice setting, music therapy is a cost-effective way to improve patient experiences.


Music therapy for procedural support slashes cost of echocardiogram in children by $74.24 per procedure.

By using a music therapist, children were able to complete echocardiograms without the need for medication and an RN, reducing costs by $74.24 per procedure. Nice!


NICU music therapy cuts an average of $10,000 off costs of a NICU stay.

That's a lotta cash! Saves the hospital money, saves the family money, saves everyone paying an insurance premium every month money, and most importantly, better outcomes for baby!