Activity Video: I'm a Great Big Apple Tree

Fall is here, and Jordan has a great activity for us you can try at home that works on labeling body parts! Plus, you get to make pretend sneezes, and that's super fun.


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FREE Song Download: Fireworks Up in the Sky

The 4th of July is tomorrow! This has always been one of my favorite holidays (I'm a sucker for patriotic songs, what can I say).

I think just about everyone in our wonderful country has strong memories of watching fireworks shows on the 4th, taking in the bright lights, loud sounds, and beautiful colors.

So what better way to work on color recognition than a fireworks song? I wrote this one a few years back, and I get double use out of it for Independence Day AND New Years!

You can add whatever colors you want by making up your own lyrics too. Just be careful with orange, might hurt your brain....


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Image credit: Ian Kluft (Wikipedia Commons)

We're Going on an Egg Hunt!

It’s the week before Easter and throughout the George Center,

Eggs have been shaking. Goodbye cold winter.

Easter egg hunts are very common this time of year. This week at the George Center, we put a musical twist to a old classic:  Musical Easter Egg Hunt. All of our clients are familiar with our egg shakers. This week, we addressed social skills by taking turns hiding the egg shakers around the room. Once all the eggs were hidden, the client and therapist would find the eggs that were hidden around the room. Sounds like a typical egg hunt right? But aren’t all music therapy sessions tailored to therapeutic goals?

Of course they are!

So how did we take this basic setup and fit it to each of our clients’ individual goals and objectives? For our clients who are taking lessons on the piano or guitar, cards with rhythm patterns were hidden with the egg. In order to put the egg the client found in the basket, the client had to play the rhythm on the card with the egg shaker. For our clients who are working on receptive communication skills, they had cards hidden with their eggs with fun directions for them to follow. Some of the directions included “Make a silly sound”, “Hop 5 times”, and “Clap your hands 4 times”. Our clients who are working on social skills got to work on turn taking and participating in a social activity.

The George Center wishes everyone a happy spring!

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"In and Out and Under," A Song for Groundhog Day!

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!  Everyone's favorite rodent-based holiday!  If you thought there's no way you can learn anything from Groundhog Day, think again.  Our newest music therapist, Tasia Dockery, has a great song for teaching prepositions!

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VIDEO: Music Therapy Minute

We'd like to introduce a new segment on The George Center Blog: The Music Therapy Minute!  A quick video detailing music therapy information.

In this installment, Jamie shows us how to ice skate indoors with your client.  No sub-freezing temperatures required!


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FREE Piggyback Song: Science Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

We're pretty excited about this one, folks.

Got a science project coming up for your middle school student?  Can't quite nail down the steps of the scientific method?  Fear not!  We've got you covered.

If you haven't seen the video for "Gangnam Style" by Korean artist PSY, you might consider upgrading your dial-up modem.  I kid, I kid, but with over 500,000,000 (!!!) views on YouTube, it's all the range online.  And as dutiful music therapists, we're obligated to use the music our clients are listening to.  So without further adieu, here is "Science Style!"  A piggyback song that teaches listeners about the scientific method.

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This is Science style!

When you see some things in the world that seem strange

Makes you stop and wonder what could cause that change

You don’t have to wonder you just have to use your brain

The scientific method will save the day again

First you ask a question

Who what why when how or where

Then you do research

Check in at the library on FourSquare

Then you make a guess

Test it out with an experiment

Results will blow your mind

Tell us what you find

Galileo, Einstein and Hubble

All knew what’s up, they knew what’s up

They perfected the scientific method

To find out why

You must comply

With these steps, it’s not complex, just ask Bill Nye

This is Science Style

Hey all you Chemists

This is Science Style

Hey all you Biologists

This is Science Style

Your hypothesis is an educated guess

Based on observations, now we’ll put it to the test

The scientific method is a structured way to learn

No more urban legends, you must be able to discern

You got 2 variables

Independent and dependent

Dependent’s what you measure

A baseball player’s batting percent

Independent’s what you change

Like his bat, metal or wood

Tell me which one would, make him hit real good

Galileo, Einstein and Hubble

All knew what’s up, they knew what’s up

They perfected the scientific method

To find out why

You must comply

With these steps, it’s not complex, just ask Bill Nye

This is Science Style

Hey all you psychologists

This is Science Style

Hey all you botanists

This is Science Style

Physicists, and anthropologists, meteorologists, all you scientists

Cytologists, and seismologists, epidemiologists, all scientists, that’s what I said!

This is Science Style

Hey all you geologists

This is Science Style

Hey paleontologists

This is Science Style

All rights to "Gangnam Style" held by their respective owners.  Purchase Gangnam Style from your favorite music retailer today!

Free Download! Fishy Who Likes to Eat

This week, music therapist Laurie Peebles brings us a great song that teaches kids about sequencing and eating healthy fruits and vegetables!  Please enjoy this free download!

Click Here for the Song!

How cool are puppets!! Puppets have become a great tool that I bring into my sessions. Puppets have a way of keeping children’s attention and making the intervention itself FUN!!! “The Fishy Who Likes to Eat” song is an example of a fun way to use a puppet during a song.

I typically use the song to work on academic skills of sequencing and learning about healthy foods. During each verse of the song, the child gets the opportunity to choose a fruit or vegetable for the fish to eat. Typically, I will sing “And he likes to eat…” and the child will complete the sentence with the food item. For my non-verbal children, I like to use this activity as a good way to work on making choices. For each choice the child makes, the reward is getting to feed a very excited fish puppet. My favorite part about this activity is how much fun the child has while working on meeting their goals.
One of my many experiences with this song was with a client who I was seeing for the first time during an assessment. After several activities in the session, nothing was maintaining her attention. Then I pulled out the puppet. She started by watching the excited puppet who seemed to be very excited about eating healthy food. I took the fish puppet and asked my client in my best fish voice, “Can you feed me some healthy treats.” She smiled and nodded. She came over to where my pictures of healthy foods were. I sang the song as the fish. When it came time to choose a food, the client chose an apple (her favorite snake item at the time). The fish puppet began to eat and make crunching sounds. Next thing I knew, the client was laughing and ready for the next time to choose a food for the fish to “eat”. By the end of the activity, the client had maintained her attention to the task for 6 minutes. Over time, the fish song became the first song/activity that she was able to request during therapy.

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