Round Up, April 29th

Happy monday everyone! Tonight, we're having our last regular rehearsal for our teen performing arts group in preparation for our performance on Saturday (more on that later)! Let's get to the stories.

Autism treatment can be expensive, but benefits can be dramatic (Michigan Live)

Interesting article here regarding Michigan's law that requires insurance companies to cover autism treatments (similar to the Ava's Law efforts in Georgia). The article states why covering autism treatments is not only morally right, but fiscally smart too!


Abnormal Placenta May Reveal Autism Risk (Psych Central)

New study found that abnormalities in the placenta may indicate a risk (96.7% probability) of an infant developing autism. If the results of this study are reliable, more early interventions could be implemented which greatly improve outcomes for individuals with autism later in life.

Choir Singing Could Help Reduce Anxiety, Study Finds (Huffington Post)

Cool study that found singing in a choir reduced anxiety and negative affect. No argument here!



Inspired by daughter, mom creates dolls for kids with Down syndrome (NBC Today Show)

Check out this mom that set out to start a line of dolls for children with Down syndrome! Her daughter was browsing a magazine and lamented over the fact that none of the dolls looked like her, so she set out to change that. Very cool!


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