Summertime Services


It’s that time again! The last 2 hectic weeks of the school year, and at the end of the long tunnel is the glimmering light of summer vacation! Many families are planning vacations and other travel opportunities, and several of our students are already excited about the camps they will be attending this summer. Here at GCMT, we are prepping for the many camps we’ll be leading music for across the community this summer, including FOCUS+Fragile Kids Camp Hollywood, Aurora Day Camp, Camp ImpACCt, and our own Camp CreARTive. We also have our weekly Bucket Drumming and GROW social skills groups meeting throughout the summer!

These last couple weeks of school can leave parents and caregivers feeling a bit frazzled and really looking forward to any planned vacations or unscheduled time that may be coming up (although a couple folks have let me know they are dreading the change in routine). It can be tempting to contemplate taking a break from services over the summer. Vacations and camps and all the things can definitely be a lot to juggle! However, we always encourage our families to try to maintain consistency in services over the summer for several reasons:

  1. Therapeutic Value

Often during the summer, we see an increase in progress toward therapeutic goals/objectives BECAUSE our students have time to practice and complete home exercises. They also can be less distracted or tired as they have not spent all day at school. You wouldn’t take off 3 months from working out or training for a marathon and then expect to pick right back up where you left off! Consistency over the summer keeps our students from having to relearn concepts and skills later, which is an efficient use of time and money! Many of our students thrive on routine, so keeping music therapy appointments consistent during the summer months is a good way to create that environment for them!

  1. It’s MUCH MORE Than Just Fun Time!

Music Therapy services or Adaptive Lessons are much more than “Happy Music Fun Time” for our students. While it is definitely a motivating modality, we are working on so much more than just having fun! When the human brain perceives an experience as fun, the skills learned during that experience are more likely to be retained. Think about the last time you went to a concert or party, and then about the information you studied the last time you were preparing for a test. Bet you can probably recall the details from one more easily than the other! Summer can be the perfect time to really focus on our student’s goals and objectives, because we have the scheduling flexibility to have more frequent appointments, and our students are often in a more relaxed frame of mind. If your student is enrolled in Adaptive Lessons, talk with your student’s therapist about the possibility of addressing a wider variety of goals and objectives during the summer while time permits. Summer is also a great time for families to get involved in at-home practice to promote further progress towards goals.

  1. Increased Flexibility

Unfortunately, many of our families who do choose to discontinue services over the summer wind up losing their time-slot for the school year due to our attendance policy. Our therapists and office are always willing to work with families who may have tricky scheduling needs over the summer, and often have increased availability for rescheduling missed sessions or moving to an appointment time that works better for your schedule. Summer also provides opportunities for your student to work with another of our amazing therapists if they have someone subbing for them while they are out on vacation or working at a camp. This can give increased chances to work on transfer of skills and address goals in different ways! Call our office or talk to your therapist about rescheduling or working with a substitute. Summer is also the ideal time to apply for 3rd party funding resources to help pay for therapy services!

Summer can be a great time to take advantage of opportunities your student may not have during the rest of the year, and we’re not just talking about vacations! GCMT prides itself on providing our families with outstanding services, support, and communication throughout the year. We always want parents, caregivers, and other family members to be an integral and active participant in your student’s therapy and learn how to provide an environment for your student that will support continued development. Our intention is to move toward a level of independence within everyone’s abilities. As in all aspects of life and learning, steady progress toward our goals requires consistency in service provision. Of course, we know that everyone needs a break now and then, so give our team a call so we can coordinate a schedule that supports summer vacation fun and consistent appointment scheduling for the best of both worlds!


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