Bucket Drumming Fun!

Summer Bucket Drumming.png

Ah, summer in Georgia. It’s on its way again, and I know I can’t wait for the sweet tea and lemonade, hours spent on the Chattahoochee, hammocks in the shade, and one of my very favorite experiences I’ve had as a George Center therapist: Bucket Drumming!  The summer can be a great time for kids and teens to spend time with old friends and to make new ones, and every Tuesday evening during the summer, we have an excellent opportunity to do both in a fun and educational setting during bucket drumming with the George Center.

In bucket drumming class, participants have the opportunity to learn how to play a rhythms from all over the world and what role each rhythm plays in a social setting. Whether it’s a Latin rhythm from South America, an African rhythm that dates back centuries, or a modern hip-hop rhythm, participants get to explore what makes these rhythms culturally important while layering different rhythms to make even more complex sounds by working together as a team.



Each week, the instructors, participants, and assistants meet to learn and have fun, and, when weather permits, they get to do it all under a shaded gazebo outside of the George Center and enjoy the summer evenings. But the best part? At the end, everything comes together in a final performance for family and friends to demonstrate what participants learned together, show off their drumming skills, and even teach the audience a little bit about the rhythms they worked on.


So, if you’re looking for a truly awesome opportunity to have fun with friends outside and wail on some bucket drums, bucket drumming with the George Center is definitely for you, so sign up and come join us!