Warm Fuzzy Wednesday - Secret Handshakes

Warm-Fuzzy Wednesday returns! Each week, I am privileged to witness many warm-fuzzy moments in music therapy sessions, ranging from “Aww!” to “Ah HA!” or even “Awesome!” They’re the moments that make you search frantically for your camera so you can hold on to a tiny piece. The tricky thing about moments is that they are, by nature, short-lived. They have a tendency to pop up suddenly and surprise you. You’ve probably experienced a few of these moments yourself!

This particular Warm-Fuzzy Wednesday story started just a few weeks ago during music therapy sessions with a young man (we’ll call him “Luke”). Luke is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He works on a variety of goals in music therapy, including speech and expressive communication. Luke has also been learning to play the piano. He works hard to do his best during music therapy time. I make sure to let him know I’m proud of his hard work with a high five. There are a lot of high fives during music, especially during Luke’s piano lesson!

Our session started much like they usually do. We sang “Hello”. We chatted about the day.  We warmed up with some drumming. Then we got started with the piano lesson. Luke did an awesome job on his first piano task of the lesson! High five!

Here’s another tricky thing about moments…you’ve got to be on the lookout, otherwise you might miss them.

This high five was different. I noticed Luke wiggling his fingers in the air. I thought this was interesting, but decided to move on. The next high five, the same thing happened again. And again! Luke was extending the high five by playing “air piano.” Cool! I joined in on the fun. Luke was thrilled that I had finally caught on! It became our official high five of the week. The next week, he added yet another component!

Over the course of the last few weeks, Luke’s high five has grown to include about four different parts. It has been a joy to see him develop it and make it his own! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

I encourage you all this week to keep your eyes open for those beautiful, sometimes fleeting moments. You will find they occur more often than you think. You just have to look for them!