Warm-Fuzzy Wednesday!

We've been posting a lot of tips and research lately, so today we're going to take a step back and recall a story from a music therapy session that reminds us exactly why we do what we do.  I'm calling it "Warm Fuzzy Wednesday!"

Recently, one of our therapists here at The George Center fell ill.  She gave me a call and asked if I could pick up one of her clients for the day.  Of course, I was happy to oblige!  It didn't hurt that this particular client is one of the most adorable, sweetest girls I've ever met!  For the purposes of this post, we're going to call this client Rachel.

Rachel is diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease.  This can result in a variety of delays, such as muscle weakness.  Rachel works primarily on speech goals in her music therapy sessions.  As I had not previously worked with her, I spoke briefly with her speech language pathologist prior to our session to get a feel for what they were working on that day.

"We've been working on combining vowel and consonant sounds.  She was having a little bit of trouble putting the vowel before the consonant with the word 'Up,'" her wonderful SLP informed me.

"Fantastic!" I said. "I've got some great activities we can use to work on that!"

So off we went to music therapy time.  After warming up with some familiar songs and dances, I decided we'd tackle those tricky speech goals.  Using a fantastic song I adapted from Kat Fulton, we echoed vowel/consonant sounds back and forth.

"La, la!"

"La, la!"

"Bo, bo!"

"Bo, bo!"

No problem!  Now let's try "Up."  I sang the word "up," starting with a low pitch and scooping up high, modeling going low to high with my hand.





We did it!  As soon as the words left her mouth, the sweetest thing happened.  She instantly lit up, raised her hands in the air and started clapping!  She knew that she had finally accomplished that goal that she'd been working on all day, and couldn't contain her joy.  That in itself was such a reward for me, to see someone accomplish something they had worked so very hard on.

So there's your Warm-Fuzzy Wednesday!  Go out and help someone realize their goals today!

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