Neurologic Music Therapy Training

Last week, the therapists at The George Center attended the American Music Therapy Association's National Conference in St. Charles, IL.  Prior to the conference officially beginning, all four of us got to attend the Neurologic Music Therapy training.

This training provided us with a standardized set of evidence-based music therapy intervention methods, to be used with types of neurologic injuries, diseases, or disorders.

Music serves as a powerful tool in rehabilitation.  It engages multiple systems and areas in our brains simultaneously.  In the event that the language centers of your brain are injured, language can be rebuilt using the alternative pathways music provides.

One of the most prominent examples of this is the story of Representative Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head in a tragic mass shooting in Arizona.  Rep. Giffords survived, but experienced severe brain damage that inhibited her language and motor skills.  However, through a combination of intensive therapies, which included music therapy, Giffords has made remarkable progress.  The music therapist that worked with Giffords was trained in neurologic music therapy.  Here's a video that provides some great insight (music therapy portion begins at the 3:30 mark):

In the future, we'll detail specific interventions and methods used in NMT.  Participating in this training allows us to further improve the services we offer.

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