Free Download! Fishy Who Likes to Eat

This week, music therapist Laurie Peebles brings us a great song that teaches kids about sequencing and eating healthy fruits and vegetables!  Please enjoy this free download!

Click Here for the Song!

How cool are puppets!! Puppets have become a great tool that I bring into my sessions. Puppets have a way of keeping children’s attention and making the intervention itself FUN!!! “The Fishy Who Likes to Eat” song is an example of a fun way to use a puppet during a song.

I typically use the song to work on academic skills of sequencing and learning about healthy foods. During each verse of the song, the child gets the opportunity to choose a fruit or vegetable for the fish to eat. Typically, I will sing “And he likes to eat…” and the child will complete the sentence with the food item. For my non-verbal children, I like to use this activity as a good way to work on making choices. For each choice the child makes, the reward is getting to feed a very excited fish puppet. My favorite part about this activity is how much fun the child has while working on meeting their goals.
One of my many experiences with this song was with a client who I was seeing for the first time during an assessment. After several activities in the session, nothing was maintaining her attention. Then I pulled out the puppet. She started by watching the excited puppet who seemed to be very excited about eating healthy food. I took the fish puppet and asked my client in my best fish voice, “Can you feed me some healthy treats.” She smiled and nodded. She came over to where my pictures of healthy foods were. I sang the song as the fish. When it came time to choose a food, the client chose an apple (her favorite snake item at the time). The fish puppet began to eat and make crunching sounds. Next thing I knew, the client was laughing and ready for the next time to choose a food for the fish to “eat”. By the end of the activity, the client had maintained her attention to the task for 6 minutes. Over time, the fish song became the first song/activity that she was able to request during therapy.

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