NICU Music Therapy...That's a Thing?


NICU Music Therapy…That’s a Thing?


Yes, friends. NICU Music Therapy is most certainly a “thing.”


In fact, it’s an incredibly beneficial thing.


For over 20 years, extensive research has been conducted to explore the effects and benefits of music therapy in the NICU. Based on that research, evidence-based practices have been developed that are being used in many NICU’s across the country. These practices include:


  • Infant-Directed Singing


  • Multimodal Neurological Enhancement (also known as Multimodal Stimulation)


  • Pacifier-Activated Lullaby (PAL)


Over the next 3 or so weeks, we will be exploring these different practices, what they are, how they benefit premature infants, as well as the parents AND the hospitals in which music therapy is present.


Remember, everything we discuss will be practices that are based off of over 20 YEARS of research conducted at The Florida State University.


We are so excited to dive into this with you, because this is an area near and dear to our hearts.


See you back here next week!


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