Music Therapy and Sensory Processing Disorders


When I was a kid, aside from dreaming of being a musician, I used to think working in advertising would be an awesome job. I have always loved the idea of creating a jingle to help sell a product. One of my favorite jingles as a kid was the Almond Joy commercial.

Sometimes you feel like a nut…

Sometimes, you don’t.

That jingle stuck with me because sometimes I wanted the almond and sometimes I just wanted the coconut and chocolate. On the days that I wanted the Almond Joy, I needed a little something extra to fulfill my need in that moment (granted it was nutty chocolatey coconutey goodness).

I work with several kiddos with sensory processing disorders. Some days they come in ready to play and some days they need to have a little meltdown, relax, and then they are ready to play.

Relaxing with deep pressure is an activity that I often implement on high sensory seeking days. I put on one of my favorite relaxation songs, “Thanksgiving Waltz” by ­­­­­Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, and begin the progression.

Some patients respond better to deep pressure on their hands, arms, and head with an occasional tight hug. Others, respond better to light pressure to the same areas. Once the progressive muscle relaxation sequence is completed, most often, the client is ready to make music. Those are the “Almond Joy” days; they need something a little extra to meet their needs.

Regardless of your loved one’s needs, the GCMT team is prepared to meet those needs through creative and unique music activities. Whether they need an Almond Joy or maybe just a Mounds, your music therapist will meet that need and make sure that your loved one has a successful session.