I'm gonna drive my car...and the wheels turn fast!

Racers, start your engines!

Over the weekend, I ventured out to Dixie Speedway to see a dirt track race. For those of you who know me know that this really wasn’t something so out of my comfort zone. Granted, it’s been a while since I attended a dirt track race, this experience was brand new for my friend Laurie (She is a petite woman who still loves all things sparkly and all things Disney princess).

And they're off!

The race began and cars went around and around, stirring up dirt each time they zoomed by us.  It was loud and the seats were uncomfortable.

Suddenly, a car spun out and hit the wall causing sparks to fly! Laurie and I screamed. She practically jumped out of her seat from fear. After a few minutes of clean up and getting the cars back in order, the race began again. The cars went around and around and two cars collided causing Laurie to scream, yet again.


Wreck after wreck happened throughout the race, but something new happened with Laurie. With each new thrilling moment, Laurie screamed less and less.  Even though each caution flag caused fear, Laurie began to enjoy the race.  As the race came to an end, she remarked on how much she actually enjoyed this new experience.

In music therapy, we see new clients on a regular basis. Each session is different. The first session can be scary because it’s new and exciting; maybe even overwhelming. Sometimes after the first session, you as a parent may think, this isn’t going to work. Be reassured that it takes more than just the first session.

At the George Center, we recommend at least three sessions before you decide if music therapy is right for your child (sometimes, it can take more than three sessions).  With each session, the therapist learns a little more about your child’s strengths and needs.  Your therapist begins to understand what types of techniques help your child have a successful experience. With each session, your child learns to trust the music therapist and the music therapy session. It’s new and it’s exciting. When your child and therapist have built a trusting relationship, the sessions begin to change and your child races towards achieving their goals through fun, exciting, and therapeutic musical activities.


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