“Spring Forward” with Kindermusik at The George Center!

It seems like we may finally be seeing the end of our long Georgia winter. We’ve had a glorious few preview days of spring! With the warmer weather and the longer daylight hours, little ones (and parents) are itching to get out of the house and go, go, go! Our Kindermusik classes are the perfect place to move and groove while gaining developmental benefits and making new friends!

In our classes, we’re doing so much more than just playing instruments and dancing together. Each song, instrument, or dance helps to reinforce important developmental skills in a way that little ones (and grown-ups) find fun and entertaining. Here are just a few of the developmental skills we’re working on in Kindermusik classes this month, as well as some ideas for incorporating them into playtime at home!

Spatial Awareness - the ability to comprehend where you are in space and to understand the position of objects in relation to each other and to yourself. It’s a tricky skill for little ones who are just getting the hang of cruising around, but an important one to learn and practice in order to stay safe as they learn to walk, run, and navigate the world around them. There are even studies that show a link between spatial awareness and artistic creativity, success in math, and the development of abstract thought. One great way to practice is with one of my all-time favorite songs, The Hokey Pokey! Try including your little one’s name or favorite toys in the song. Warning: could lead to extreme silliness and laughter.

Social Development – We tell our little ones all the time to use nice words, share, and be kind to friends, but in an era where the majority of us show our friendship by “liking” someone’s Facebook status, it can be hard for kiddos to learn what exactly being a friend means. Kindermusik class is a great place for littles to practice cooperation, turn taking, active listening, paying attention, and other key social development skills that will help them grow to be a socially confident and adept people. They get to see their grown-ups demonstrating these skills, as well. At home, try exploring the lost art of letter writing. Pick a friend or neighbor with a little one close in age to yours to be your Pen Pal. Draw pictures or leave notes for each other. Your littles will each love giving and receiving these gifts of friendship.

Creating Community – Each week in class we create a safe and joyful place to belong and connect with other families. There is an authentic bond formed between children and their grown-ups singing and dancing together, but that connection carries over from family to family! After one of my classes this week, I overheard several families scheduling a playdate together with some new friends they had made. Kindermusik classes are a great place to celebrate the wonder of parenthood and childhood along with other families who understand the joys and challenges of parenting. So whether you’re first-time parents, in a family of 8, or the family of a child with special needs, Kindermusik class is a place to breathe, belong, and connect. Why not try out a free preview class this month and check out our Kindermusik community for yourself? We look forward to seeing you!

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