Looking Back: A Reflection on 2015


2015. It's over already? It seems as though here at The George Center, we stay so busy that days, weeks, and months fly by before we have even have chance to blink. As we blinked, though, so much good (with a little bit of bad every once in a while) transpired for the business and with our clients, as well as our staff. With our staff we celebrated marriages and engagements, experienced incredible growth both as staff in adding two new staff members, and growth within ourselves as professionals, as every client and session molds us into even better therapists. Long-awaited dreams came to life for us as we moved into our very own clinic space and signed new contracts with incredible schools and facilities for which we waited with persistence and patience for years. Here's a few contracts and programs we added as of this year:


Cumberland Academy of Georgia


The Cottage School


Intergenerational Preschool Programming with Arbor Terrace (Crabapple location)


Teen Rock Band


Uke & Me


Great Prospects


Cherokee Day Training Program


Bucket Drumming (Summer 2015)


St. George Village


Manor on the Square


Marietta Enrichment Center


Renaissance on Peachtreee (Buckhead)


Two new Arbor Terrace locations


Not only did we begin these programs, but we also joined Building Bridges Therapy with a 3rd satellite location in Cumming, Georgia and have watched it flourish and fill up more quickly than we expected! In addition, we reached a position where we were able to donate services to the STAR House foundation! It is a milestone for our company as we expand in such a way to allow access music therapy services for more and more people. It is an incredible privilege.

We won't lie to you. Achieving these milestones was not easy. It was quite hard. Sometimes, we waited on the cusp of these contracts and programs for an exorbitant amount of time, wondering if these dreams would ever come true. Our fearless leader and staff worked tirelessly to make these dreams a reality. Man, was it worth it.

Aside from the tireless work and exhaustion at times, there were also special and truly good moments and days in 2015. Our annual recital that was held in November is one to name. We watched as children, who too often our society writes off as never being able to participate in such accomplishments, sing and play songs that they had created or practiced for weeks and watched parents' eyes fill with tears as their child had his/her shining moment. We ended "Any Dream Will Do" for the 2014-2015 year with an amazing and moving performance and in the same year, launched our group for the 2015-2016 year. We held our 2nd annual Camp CreARTive. We sent two interns off into the world of music therapy, having full faith that they will further strengthen our field and achieve their own milestones wherever they go. We experienced sessions where a non-verbal child spoke for the first time, the child with constant off-task behaviors fully engaged in a session or activity, the child with motor planning difficulties was able to do an entire dance along with the therapist, or the older adult at one of our assisted living facilities lit up as we led an activity using one of their favorite songs from young adulthood. Our clients never cease to amaze us.

As we look forward to 2016, we don't know exactly what the year will hold. No one really ever does, do they? There are some things we know. We know some of our new programs will fully shift into motion. We know that we will have more interns to train. We know that we will expand our ever-growing family of clinicians. We know that we will have more amazing breakthrough moments that will make all the hard moments worth it. The things that we don't know, we aren't too worried about. Whatever lies in the unforeseen, we know that it will grow us, strengthen us, enable us, and mold us so that we can move one step closer into reaching our full potential as music therapists and as a business. 2016 will be the best year yet.