As I write this, a hush has fallen over our office after about 5 hours of music making, fellowship, and celebration. Today we had the 6th annual recital at The George Center. What a phenomenal experience honoring our clients and sharing their triumphs and musical talent with their families and peers! I feel so grateful to be part of the process and work with these fine musicians every day.


As we prepared for today’s recital, I was so humbled by the many piano teachers, voice teachers, guitar teachers, violin teachers, cello teachers, band, choir, and orchestra directors, and countless others who made today possible. And no… I’m not talking just about my colleagues. I’m thinking specifically of all the educators who spent years teaching and hosting recitals and concerts for all of the music therapists who work at The George Center when we were first learning about musicianship and the instruments that we play. Today’s recital is special not just for the gifts that the performers shared with us, but because music is a shared art form.


Music is cultural. It’s living and breathing. A live performance is never the same twice – and that’s pretty special if you ask me! This art is passed from generation to generation, entrusted with care that music will be shaped and molded with new ideas and nuances.


Tonight I am thankful that I had the chance to get goose bumps as I listened to new, original music with profound lyrics written by one of our performers. I’m thankful that I heard many of our performers showcase new instruments that they are learning to play. I’m thankful that so many of our performers have grown since last year’s recital and that just like their music… they are always changing and growing up to be truly remarkable people.