Round Up, May 5th

Hola! Bienvenido al Round Up y feliz Cinco de Mayo! Hope everyone around the Atlanta area got to take in some of the gorgeous weather this weekend! We had a great time at The Golden Soldier's Big Day In Event, make sure you check out the photos on their Facebook page! Now, on to our links:

Listening to Autism: From Awareness to Communion (Huffington Post)

Check out this great article wrapping up Autism Awareness Month on the Huffington Post from music therapist Vanessa Contopulos. We love seeing music therapists featured in such widely read blogs!

Music Therapy Helps Families Say Good-Bye (The H-Word)

Hospice music therapy represents one of the largest segments of our field. This emotional post by music therapist Anne Vitort captures the essence of hospice music therapy in a powerful way.

Science Shows How Guitar Players' Brains Are Actually Different from Everybody Elses' (PolicyMic)

This is a fun read! We've posted recently about studies that show musicians' brains are structurally different, but this article looks more specifically at guitar players, complete with a great soundtrack.

Study Uses Music Therapy to Help Fix "Chemo Brain" (WBAL)

Cancer patients often report feelings of mental cloudiness, commonly referred to as "chemo brain." But what if making music could help patients overcome these symptoms? One study is examining just that by taking data on members of a choir made up of cancer patients.

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