Round Up, April 21st

Welcome to late April everyone! We've got a PACKED week this week. We have a rehearsal, dress rehearsal, AND performance for our Any Dream Will Do group, we'll be running our first music therapy sessions with Forsyth County Schools, we've got an Any Dream Will Do field trip, AND more. So let's get right to it!

Music therapist takes melodic approach to healing (The Boston Globe)

With all eyes on Boston today for the Boston Marathon, how cool is it to see this fantastic music therapy story in Boston's biggest paper? I love this quote from music therapist Lisa Summer in the article:

"They make all sorts of claims: Mozart can make you smarter; playing crystal bowls or drums are healing; or even that music can cure cancer. These assertions are reductionist simplifications; there is no quick fix. A legitimate music therapist has a degree and board certification to practice."

Right on the money.

Therapists use music as a tool to deliver treatment (WTOP)

As a music therapist, it's frustrating when news outlets don't do basic homework and completely misrepresent your field as a result. However, it's WONDERFUL when they clearly have done their homework and accurately tell the story of what you do! Such is the case with this article. Another great quote:

"Despite what it looks like, Emma's not there to learn instruments, songs or notes -- that's just a bonus. Emma has Down syndrome and meets with Myers for weekly music therapy sessions to work on her speech, fine-motor and gross-motor skills."

Artists have structurally different brains, study finds (Digital Music News)

Need more proof that the arts are good for your brain? Here's another study that states just that!

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