Round Up, March 31st

The last day of March! April will be a big month for us with lots of resource fairs and of course the performance for our Any Dream Will Do group! We've got some super cool stories today, starting with one that I'm way jealous of. Check it out:

Berklee Partners with hack/reduce for First-Ever Music Therapy Hackathon (BostInno)

Aahhhhh, I want this! I wish I could've been in Boston for this. If you're unfamiliar with the term "Hackathon," it's basically an event where computer programers get together for a marathon of programming, many times over night. Typically, these events are centered on solving a specific problem. At the end of the event, teams share their work and in some events, a winner is selected. This event, sponsored by the Berklee College of Music in Boston, centered on creating technolgoy and software for music therapy applications! How cool is that?

Companies Are Hiring Autistic Workers to Boost the Bottom Line (Slate)

Excuse the lack of person-first language in the title, but this is an interesting article that does a good job of highlighting the strengths of individuals with autism rather than viewing them from the viewpoint of a disability. Definitely worth a read.

Pharrell Williams’s Happy is a case of music on the brain (The Australian)

You were looking for a lengthy scientific explanation of why Pharrell's "Happy" is constantly stuck in your head, weren't you? Well here you go!


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