Round Up, March 3rd

March. It's March! My goodness. I'm a little groggy from the Oscars last night. How about that (insert whoever won best picture here)?! Ah who am I kidding, this was written before the Oscars. Or...during.

Let's get to the links!

The Rise of Music Therapy (Oxford University Press)


This one is worth sharing just for that title, and the publication it's in! Good overview here, but I particularly like the focus on the future and growth of music therapy.

Music Therapy Enhances Hospice Patients' Quality of Life (Miami Herald)

Another week, another music therapy story in a major newspaper! This article does a fabulous job of shedding light on two often misconceived healthcare fields: music therapy AND hospice.

Music Therapy Helps Troubled Teens Connect (Daily Herald)


Try not to smile reading this one!

Seth Rogen Testifies Before Congress


Beautiful. Powerful. Poignant.

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