Round Up, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Let's get straight to our favorite music and health links from around the web.

McNamara Bill would Create State Music Therapist Registry

Similar to the licensure bill passed in Georgia that took effect this year, this bill in Rhode Island would create a registry of music therapists in the state, preventing those not certified by the CBMT from practicing music therapy in the state. These types of measures help ensure that patients receive care only from those who have completed the proper training.

Music Therapy Provides Aid for Stroke Victims, People with Autism

Check out this write up on our music therapy colleague Amy Rodgers Smith and her private practice!

High Mortality from Alzheimer's Disease (The New York Times)

A recent study has found that the mortality rate from Alzheimer's disease may be higher than official statistics have indicated in the past. If correct, these numbers could force Alzheimer's disease into a position of higher priority for officials.

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