Round Up, March 10th

Could it be? Has Spring finally sprung? Hopefully all that warm air and sunshine helps you adjust to the time change. You did remember the time change...right? Better get to work.

Music Therapy and Military Populations: an Update (Huffington Post)

This was the big news in the music therapy world this week! This landmark report "discusses the profession of music therapy with a focus on both active duty service members and veterans." AMTA's own Ronna Kaplan has a great write up in the Huffington Post on the report, check it out above!

What It's Like on the Autism Spectrum (The Atlantic)

The Atlantic recently posted an article written by the mother of a child diagnosed with Aspergers. You can read the original article at the link above, along with some very thoughtful responses to the article sent in by reader's around the world sharing their experience. Some great insights.

Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney (The New York Times)

If you have some time on your hands, this long form article in the New York Times is definitely worth a read. Disney is popular with a lot of kids, but this family used their son's love of Disney to foster communication with him. Very cool.

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