Round Up, Feb. 3rd

Happy Monday, readers! Hope you didn't over do it on the cheese sticks, potato skins, and guacamole last night at your Super Bowl party. Let's get to some links!

Music Therapy May Help Teens With Cancer Cope (WebMD)

This is a big study, folks. Whenever you conduct a research study, having a large sample size (lots of participants in the study) helps ensure the validity of the results, as larger samples reduce the chance of a random event effecting the outcome. This study involved 11 sites with 49 board certified music therapists, serving 113 patients! You can read more about the study  on the American Music Therapy Association website.

Making Sure Young Brains Get the Benefits of Music Training (PBS)

Check out this neat interview about a program that gets kids from low income neighborhoods in L.A. involved in music! Sounds like a program that makes a big difference for a lot kids.

Music Therapy Advocacy Month

Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month has come to a close, but don't forget to go back and check out all the great posts from music therapists around the country!

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