Round Up, February 24th

Happy Monday everyone! It certainly feels like Spring is right around the corner (we can only hope), and all this sunshine gets me in the mood to read articles on the internet...that's normal right?

How Brains See Music as Language (The Atlantic)

If you've ever listened to live jazz, you know that the musicians on stage have a conversation, all without saying a word. Check out this article that dives into this!

An Amazing Village Designed Just for People with Dementia (Gizmodo)

Wandering is a serious problem for people with dementia. Individuals may wander off and become lost, unable to care for their basic needs. However, a self-contained, locked down care unit can be dehumanizing. Check out this "village" that may just have solved that problem!

Hospice Music Therapists Hit the Right Note (StarTribune)

Beautiful (and extensive) write up on hospice music therapy. Music therapists work with people from the beginning of life (as you'll see in the next link!) to the end!


Babies Soothed with Music Therapy in NICU (14 News)

A story about hospice music therapy, now a story about NICU music therapy! The George Center has 3 music therapists who have completed the NICU music therapy training. Check out the story for more!

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