Round Up, February 17th

Whoever wished for snow in Atlanta this year, you can stop now. What a week! We're busy making up lots of missed sessions from the snow and ice, so let's wish for lots of warm, mild weather from now on!

We're getting real nerdy on the Round Up today, y'all. Get your science pants on. To the stories!

Elegant Mathematical Formulas Activate the Same Brain Region as Music and Art (Smithsonian)

This is just wild. Particularly elegant mathematical equations (that's a thing?) evoke similar emotions, and even activate the same brain regions, as music and art do in some people! I'm guessing this isn't a universal thing though...

Phantom Melodies Yield Real Clues to Brain's Workings (The New York Times)

You've heard of "ear worms" (when you get a song stuck in your head), but what about actual musical hallucinations in which you swear you hear a piano, guitar, or even a whole marching band playing next door, but no such music actually exists?

Healing, Harmony and Heart: Music Therapy Complements Medical Care (Marshfield News Herald)

Basic other view of music therapy here written by a nurse. We love seeing these! Hopefully every time one is written, a few people who have never heard of music therapy learn more about our field.

North Shore Senior Center's Mind Matters Program Receives MetLife Award (Chicago Tribune)

Congrats to music therapist Brea Murakami, music therapist at North Shore Senior Center, which recently won MetLife Foundation 2014 MindAlert Award!

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