Round Up February 10th

Alright Atlantans, brace yourself. Looks like there's a possibility of some ice this week. Maybe you'll need something to read to keep yourself occupied? Bookmark this page and you'll have lots of music and health links to keep you warm!

What Musicians Can Tell Us About Dyslexia and the Brain (Wired)


How's this for interesting? Some scientist believe that dyslexia's roots lie in the brains ability to process auditory information. So what might a musician's brain (which should excel at processing auditory information) with dyslexia tell us about this disorder? Click the link and found out!


A Handful of Harmonies: Music for Little Ones with Special Needs to Build On (Chicago Tribune Local)

General write up on music therapy here, but cool to see it in a major publication like the Chicago Tribune!


How Music Therapy Helps in the Grieving Process (Brant News)



Music therapists work in a variety of settings, including grief and hospice. Check out this write up on how that works!


Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Groups Team Up for Research (USA Today)

Check out this team work! Though Alzheimer's and Parkinson's manifest themselves very differently, their roots might be related. As such, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Alzheimer's Association and The W. Garfield Weston Foundation of Canada are teaming up to award grants that help unlock the similarities and difference between these two diseases. Pretty cool!

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