Round Up, January 6th

Welcome to the first Round Up of 2014! Have you settled into the work groove yet after a nice break? Perhaps you're still snowed in if you're up North (winter break 2.0!). If that's the case, you might be getting a case of cabin fever right about now and could use some reading material. Don't worry, I got you.

Why Does Music Aid in Memorization? (The Wall Street Journal)

Prepare to get nerdy. This is an excellent write up about just how music helps us memorize things (think about how you learned the alphabet, or even the state capitals), down to which areas of the brain are activated. Pretty interesting stuff!


Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You've Taken Music Lessons (National Geographic)

Two recent studies found that children involved in a music class showed no difference in intelligence level following the class than a group of students not involved in the music class. That might sound disappointing, but we should also remember that this study was limited to one type of music curriculum, and did not investigate and long term changes involved in music participation.

In fact, this story from National Geographic highlights some possible gains in the VERY long term as you age!

 How Close is a Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease? (CBS This Morning)

CBS's chief medical corespondent discusses some new studies regarding our knowledge of Alzheimer's disease and how close we might be to finding effective treatments. It's a race against the clock, unfortunately, as our aging population points to a possible explosion of Alzheimer's diagnoses in the coming years.

Boynton Beach man on the autism spectrum turns music ability into a profession (WPTV) 

Good story about a phenomenally talented musicians who happens to have autism who turned his talent into a career! And kudos for the person-first language in the headline, WPTV.

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