Round Up, January 20th

Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month continues on this week with some new posts! We'll share one here in the Round Up along with some other cool links and news stories regarding music therapy. Let's get to them!

We are...Empowerers (Toneworks Music Therapy Services)

What better way to help someone understand music therapy than through song lyrics? Music therapist Lyndie Walker talks about an experience of working with individuals with epilepsy and how she facilitated a lyric analysis with this group, and the lessons she learned from that experience. Very cool!

Music therapy class strikes a chord with autistic children in Beijing (South China Morning Post) 

Wow, check out this great story about a music therapy program in China! Our field is certainly growing quickly here state-side, but other countries seem to be experiencing rapid growth of the field as well. Cool feature here.


Sundance film highlights power of music on patients with Alzheimer’s (New York Daily News)

Do you remember this viral video? Turns out it's part of a larger film about a project in which a man donates iPod's to assisted living facilities and films the reactions of older adults with dementia as they hear music from their formidable years. The reactions are pretty stunning, and I'm anxious to see the film. However, it should be noted that this is not music therapy, as there is no music therapist or live interaction involved. It's worth noting that while the reactions are stunning and awe inspiring, research has shown live music interactions to be even more effective. Pretty amazing!

A daily high dose of Vitamin E may slow early Alzheimer’s disease (Washington Post)

Interesting study that found that high doses of vitamin E slowed the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Participants who received the vitamin E doses had less deterioration in their ability to perform daily tasks than those who did not.

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