Round Up, January 13th

Happy new week! As you may have caught on Friday, January is Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month! All this month, music therapists all over the world will be publishing blog posts all about advocating for our field. As such, we're going to do something a little different with the Round Up today and sharing some links to some of the excellent blog posts being shared by our colleagues this month.

We are...Individualized (On a Good Note Music Therapy Services)



On a Good Note Music Therapy Services is doing a really cool series this month called "The ABC's of Music Therapy," and this post really hits the nail on the head when about exactly what sets music therapy apart.

We are...INCOMPARABLE (Music Therapy Tween)

The theme (as you probably gathered) for this year's advocacy month is "We are..." We're attempting to let the general public know what exactly sets music therapists apart from many of the other allied health professionals we work with. Music therapist Michelle Erfurt is right on the money with her title here and challenges music therapy advocates to stop comparing and start explaining.

What is Music Therapy and How Do I Find a Music Therapist? (The Rhythm Tree)

Great video blog post here from The Rhythm Tree that explains to newcomers to music therapy exactly what it is we do and how they can find a music therapist near them!

11 Problems Music Can Solve (Mental Floss)

Alright, this one isn't an advocacy month post, but I found it too interesting to leave out this week! Granted, not all these benefits are related to humans (music helping plants grow), but it's a fun list. Check it out!

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