Round Up, September 23rd

Welcome to the new week! This week's Round Up is short on music therapy news, but we've got some very interesting Alzheimer's and autism links to share today! Check 'em out.


New Brain Scans For Alzheimer's May Mean Earlier Diagnosis (Forbes)

Very interesting study here. Alzheimer's is notoriously difficult to diagnose, with no single clinical test existing that can identify the disease. If doctors were able to diagnose Alzheimer's through a brain scan, it could mean earlier diagnoses and better results for patients.


Georgia autism partnership looks to training opportunities, early detection, support for families (Washington Post)


Great local story here about a partnership between the Marcus Autism Center and the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning to train day care operators to recognize early signs of autism and support parents.


Music Therapists Bring Healing Through Tunes and Beats (Houston Press) 

Check out this write up on music therapy featuring our colleague Bill Matney!

Music Therapy Ride raises $65,000 (Pique)


This annual motorcycle fundraiser brought in $65,000 for music therapy in Canada this year! How awesome is that?!

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