Is Music Therapy Just For Children's Hospitals?

A few weeks ago, we wrote that many of the best of the best children's hospitals offer music therapy.

But is music therapy just for kids? Regular readers of this blog should already know the answer to that question.

Of course music therapy isn't just for kids! Music therapy can provide valuable outcomes across all populations in the medical setting. There's plenty of research that supports the medical, patient satisfaction, and cost benefits of music therapy in medical settings across all ages.

However, sometimes a little bit of peer pressure is the most effective evidence out there.

11 of the top 18 hospitals offer music therapy.

Yep. 61%.

Every year, U.S. News and World Report publishes an "honor roll" of the cream-of-the-crop hospitals. There are 18 on the list this year, and 11 of them offer music therapy!

It gets better...

6 out of the top 6 offer music therapy!

I know, 5 out of 5 sounds better, but you can't leave out #6 when they're on board with music therapy too!

Here's what that top 6 looks like:

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • UCLA Medical Center
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Wow. A few recognizable names on there, eh?

Music therapy is far from being something just for children's hospitals, and with the nation's top hospitals buying in, it's easy to imagine this trend growing.

Ready to join the likes of Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic? The George Center will design and staff a music therapist for YOUR hospital!



Image credit: Flickr user terren in Virginia