Monday Round Up, September 16th

Happy Monday! We've got a short Round Up today, but what we lack in quantity, we're making up for in quality. Straight to it!

Texas Children's Hospital Launches NICU Music Therapy Program

Big big BIG news here! Texas Children's Hospital in Houston has started a NICU music therapy program! This is great news when ANY hospital jumps on board with music therapy, but it's especially exciting when the 17th ranked neonatology program in the country gets on board!

Special needs wisdom in Chinese fortune cookies (Love That Max)

"Love That Max" is a fantastic blog written by the parent of a child with special needs, and this blog has some inspiring insights in the form of some simple fortune cookie messages. When you frame the messages around someone with special needs, they take on a new meaning. Give this post a read!

Finally, what does the fox say?


Alright, full disclosure: this is a WEIRD song, and it WILL get stuck in your head. But I can't help it! I love it! I think this may have to be my new animal sounds song.

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