Round Up, August 5th

Welcome to August! And for many in Atlanta this week, welcome back to school! We're excited to jump back into the school season here, our schedules start to settle down a bit. On to the Round Up!

Tiny preemies get a boost from live lullabies (



Another article about the NICU program in Chicago! Man, that program is getting some serious press. This article mentions that "many insurers won't pay for music therapy." Clients of The George Center know that's not always true (and we're bustin' it to get more and more insurance companies to cover music therapy!)


Making music with your pulse -- for health and science (CNet)


Whoa, some wild technology here. This company has created an app that will allow users to send real time information about their heart rate and other health indicators like activity level and sleep patterns. By collecting this data, the app could recommend health changes, and could even allow users to participate in real time research studies.

Now, the music part: to incentivize people to use the app, the app makers envision enabling people to use their pulse to control beats and tempos of music. Full disclosure: even after reading the article, I'm not fulling grasping the concept. But it is interesting.

Studying movement and learning in autism (

Interesting research study which is looking at areas other than the brain affected by autism. The researcher believes that research focusing solely on the brain is misplaced, and that the whole sensory loop needs to be examined.

Healing Harmonies: Testing the Power of Music to Improve Senior Health (


Check out this study that will look at long term health benefits of singing in a choir! Looking forward to seeing the results of this one.

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