3 FASCINATING Studies on Music Therapy in Hospitals

Medical music therapy is a fast growing field, but it's far from "new!" There's some truly fascinating research out there on using music therapy to support standard medical procedures taking place in hospitals all across the country every day.


1. Live music therapy reduces time required for MRI scans (Walworth, D.D.)

5-minutes per scan saved when supported by a music therapist may not sound like a lot, but when you multiply that across the hundreds of MRI scans performed in major hospitals every year, you've saved some serious time! And we all know how much people LOVE shorter wait times...


2. Music therapy supported device increases effectiveness of feeding for premature babies (Cevasco, A.M.; Grant, R.E.)

The Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL) Device is a neat piece of music therapy technology that can shorten how long premature babies stay in the NICU. This study found that using the device 30-minutes prior to feeding increased the effectiveness of the feedings.


3. Patient-preferred music decreases anxiety, increases relaxation, and improves patient perception of hospitalization (Walworth, D.D.; Rumana, C.S.; Nguyen, J.; Jarred, J.)

As you might imagine, brain surgery can be a little stressful for patients. This study found that patients who received live music therapy (using patient preferred music, of course) had improved quality of life indicators prior to the procedure. That's a relief.


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Image credit: Wikipedia Commons