Camp Infinity Drumming Day

Yesterday was my FAVORITE work day of the year: our annual trip out to Camp Twin Lakes to visit FOCUS's Camp Infinity!

FOCUS is a fantastic organization that we're honored to provide music therapy services for throughout the year. Camp Infinity is one of their overnight camps for children with special medical needs.

This camp is truly a special place. First of all, Camp Twin Lakes is B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L. Seriously, imagine the most perfect summer camp you can imagine, and Camp Twin Lakes is better. They have everything. A pool with a sweet water slide, zip lines, rock climbing walls, a camp wide radio station, a lake with paddle boats, they've just got it all. The coolest part, is all of these things are wheelchair accessible!

For a lot of these kids, this is their first time staying away from home without their parents, and it's such a cool experience to see them in that light. They have an absolute ball, and for a week get to cut loose, have fun, and experience life.

My favorite part of the day is eating lunch in the mess hall with the campers. As you can imagine, the noise levels are off the chart. Between bites, the campers challenge each other to "shake their booty" and do all sorts of crazy dances at their table. That's mixed with multiple competing chants of "we got spirit" and loudly drumming beats on the table. Fun stuff.

Every year, we go out and run drumming groups for a day at this camp, and have the time of our lives as well! Everyone is riled up, loud, and having a great time. There's no judgement and no limitations. We leave exhausted and with no voices, but it's worth every minute.

I urge you to check out Camp Twin Lakes and FOCUS online and learn more about these organizations! They're a fantastic group of people.

...also, this happened:

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