6-Second Research Reviews: Part 2!

As readers of this blog know, we're big fans of music therapy research here at The George Center! But reading research is dry, boring, and often times a jargon-filled mess. It's really a shame; we're trying to bring research to the people!

So fret not, parents, teachers, and other music therapy fans! We've got you covered. We've got our copy of the latest edition of the Journal of Music Therapy (Vol. 50, No. 2) and we've done all the reading for you! We're breaking down each article in 6-seconds (apologies to the researchers who no doubt spent MONTHS preparing these articles...).

Journal of Music Therapy (2013), 50 (2). Jeong, E. (2013) Psychometric validations of a music-based attention assessment: Revised for patients with traumatic brain injury. Journal of Music Therapy, 50 (2), 66-92.

Ghetti, C. M. (2013) Effect of music therapy with emotional-approach coping on pre-procedural anxiety in cardiac catheterization: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Music Therapy, 50 (2), 93-122.

Bradt, J.; Burns, D. S.; Creswell, J. W. (2013) Mixed methods research in music therapy. Journal of Music Therapy, 50 (2), 123-148.

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