Round Up, August 12th

Welcome to the new week, readers! This week, we'll celebrate the one year anniversary of The George Center Blog! But we've got a Round Up to get to, and there are some great music therapy stories in the news this week. Let's get to it!

How Music Therapy Works (Boston Magazine)

I just love the name of this article! Lots of news outlets have covered what music therapy is, but I love that Boston Magazine decided to tell readers how music therapy works. Definitely worth a read!

Music Therapy Faculty Presents in Norway (Marylhurst University)

Dr. Kern is a respected leader in our field, and editor of Imagine Magazine, an early childhood music therapy magazine that The George Center will soon be featured in. It's great to hear about her getting international opportunities to demonstrate her knowledge!

Norton Audubon joins hospitals nationwide embracing music therapy (Courier-Journal)

It's always great to see music therapy expanding into more hospitals! Medical music therapy is a fast-growing field with some powerful research behind it. The George Center offers music therapy services for hospitals and medical facilities right here in Atlanta!

Lung Flute Blends Music, Therapy, and Innovation (University of Buffalo)

Hmmm, here's an interesting device! The Lung Flute helps clear mucus build up in the lungs simply by having the user blow through the pipe, which vibrates a reed, causing acoustic vibrations to loosen mucus in the lungs. Pretty cool!

Now, as a music therapist, I'm interested in seeing how this device might be modified to facilitate a musical experience while preserving the medical function of the device that might encourage regular usage. Imagine if users were able to play simple songs on the device. Might encourage patients to use the device regularly or even decrease fatigue while using it!

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