Q & A With Our New Intern Jordan!

This has been an exciting week here at The George Center as we welcomed our new music therapy intern, Jordan Godwin! Jordan comes to us from the University of Georgia, and she's had quite a week of observing, note taking, and meeting new clients already.

We wanted to give Jordan a chance to introduce herself, so we decided to have her answer a few questions for the blog. Give her a warm welcome!


Welcome to The George Center, Jordan! How did you first get into music therapy?

Thank you, very excited to be here! Okay so here's a funny story. By my senior year in high school, I still had NO clue what I wanted to do as a career.  So like any dedicated counselor, mine decided to solve my dilemma with a career test.  My second highest result was a music therapist, which was a career I didn't even know existed! It included my two passions: love for people and love for music. I never imagined I would pursue a  career that fit me so perfectly. The rest is history.

Do you want to know my highest result? A rabbi. I should mention I'm not Jewish…or a man. So really, music therapy was the only viable option. For which I am very thankful.


Up to this point in your education, what has been your best “music therapy moment?”

I was working with a group of adults with substance abuse, and within this group were four "tough guys", who would not be caught dead singing and dancing. They would often make fun of music activities, tease others in the group, and rarely participated. I worked with this group for a school semester, and over time, I began to see their guards come down. Especially when I would play some Bon Jovi or U2; they couldn't help but play air guitar and sing along. At the beginning of our very last session together, these four guys sat me down and said they had a surprise for me. They lined up across the front of the room…. and they sang and danced a hello song. They wrote it by themselves during their free time at the substance abuse clinic. This was the coolest moment of my student career because it showed that they had used music therapy outside of our regular meeting time, and that was more than I could have asked for. Plus, it was the most hilarious song I've ever heard. Definitely a moment I'll never forget.


If you had to choose one instrument to master, what would it be?  

I've always had this dream of… slappin' da bass, mon.

Bieber or 1 Direction?

I have to go with Bieber. And it's SOLELY because I resent every boy band that's not N*SYNC


What’s your favorite band/musical artist?

I honestly don't have one. I go through phases. But this week's phase? Ke$ha. Don't judge me.

Going to school in Athens, you probably saw a lot of great concerts, any favorites that stick out?

FREELANCE WHALES. I put this in all caps for a reason: Go look them up. NOW.

When you’re not working hard as a music therapy intern, what do you do for fun?

I LOVE watching movies and BBC mini-series. It's a big de-stressor for me. So I normally plop on the couch with a bag of Doritos and watch Netflix. Last night it was Sherlock, which is brilliant. I should add this is not as lame as it sounds; I DO go out on the weekends! I have friends!

The stereo in your car breaks, and from now on it will only play ONE SONG on repeat anytime you drive anywhere. What song do you hope it is?

Immigrant Song, for sure. I get SO serious about that song.

What are you most looking forward to about interning with The George Center?

The Keurig in the kitchen? Kidding! On a serious note, I'm really looking forward to the growth I'm going to experience. It's so different learning things in a classroom vs. experiencing them with a client. So I'm prepared to have lots of failures here, which is good because that's how you learn! And that's why I'm here; to learn. I couldn't imagine a better group of supervisors or a better environment to do that in.


We're excited to watch you learn and grow into a music therapist, Jordan! If you see her around the clinic, give her a warm hello!