Round Up, July 22nd

Happy new week! Welcome to the Round Up, a collection of stories we put together every week on music therapy, healthcare, and other topics of interest to this blog. It's a great link to bookmark and read all week when you've got some downtime!


Meet the Dallas Doctors Using Music for Therapy (Dallas Observer)

Dallas, Texas has a great music therapy scene, and this article offers some insight into some of the programs around the city.

Autism in the shadows (Washington Post)

Powerful article written by a parent of a child with autism that discusses the children who receive less public advocacy.

Healthcare overall leads hospitals to focus on patient satisfaction (LA Times)

Healthcare has been moving more and more to patient-centered approaches, which often puts heavy emphasis on patient-satisfaction. Good news for music therapists as music therapy can raise satisfaction scores!

Emory No. 1 in Georgia on U.S. News best hospital list (Atlanta Business Chronicle)

U.S. News & World Report recently released their list of top hospitals, and Emory Hospital topped the rankings in Georgia. This might be a good time to mention that Emory offers music therapy...

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