A Special Visit from the Fabulous Kat Fulton!

We were thrilled to welcome a visitor to our clinic yesterday, our wonderful music therapy colleague Kat Fulton from sunny California!

Kat runs the website MusicTherapyEd.com, which is a fantastic resource for music therapists.

As music therapists, we must not only obtain a certification, but maintain that certification through continuing education course called "CMTE's." This way, music therapists can stay informed on best practices and modern research.

Well, as you can imagine, taking lots of these courses can prove difficult! So Kat created a website where music therapists from all over the world can earn certification credits online. What a smarty pants.

Kat is currently traveling all over the country touring music therapy clinics to find out what makes them hum, and yesterday it was The George Center's turn! We asked Kat a few questions about her project and her thoughts on The George Center (go on, Kat, make us blush.).


What's the purpose behind the dream clinic tour?

 "To collect stories and other music therapists' clinics in opening their flourishing clinics. I'm going to the most flourishing clinics in the nation in order to collect their stories and disseminate these stories to help inspire other music therapists to also open clinics across the nation."

What are your thoughts on The George Center?

 "You guys know how to have fun! You almost know how to have as much fun as The Rebecca Center (on Long Island)! I love that Jamie is very fast paced. No slow, all flow! It's such a clean, open clinic space. It's the largest clinic space I've seen, I think."

Where do you think private practice music therapy will be in 5 years?

 "After this comes out, we'll have an explosion of clinics! Here's the deal: job loss is at an all time high in music therapy. When people lose their music therapy jobs, they tend to go into private practice, and I think that's the wave of the future. I think we'll see more music therapists in private practice than ever before."

We'd like to thank Kat for coming out to visit our clinic! Make sure you like Music Therapy Ed on Facebook to keep up with her tour, and be sure to check out MusicTherapyEd.com!

So we're not trying to brag or anything, but we're part of a DREAM CLINIC tour! Want to see for yourself what makes The George Center such a special place? Sign up for a free consultation and we'll give you a tour!