Round Up, July 1st

Hello and welcome to July everyone! Have you made plans for the 4th? Fireworks at Stone Mountain? Peachtree Road Race?

We've got some very cool stories and a...shall we say...interesting video in the Round Up today. Let's get to it!

Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Justin Blalock advocates for music education (The Washington Post)

A lot of people tend to think of fine arts and athletics as polar opposites, maybe even fundamentally opposed to each other. But the truth of the matter is, without football, many band programs around the country wouldn't exist! Football and music education have a unique relationship with each other, and how cool is it to see a professional football player right here in Atlanta supporting music education? Rise Up, Falcons!


Why Music Makes Our Brains Sing (The New York Times)


Interesting article here from the NYT that details some of the physiological and chemical reactions that take place in our brain when we listen to music. The effects music has on all of us is more than simply psychological.


Does Music Therapy Really Work? (The Star Online)


This article comes to us all the way from Malaysia, and does a great job of answering common questions about the legitimacy of music therapy.


This Dog Has Perfect Pitch


Finally, our fun video of the week is pretty amazing. If you're unfamiliar with the term "perfect pitch," refers to the ability to identify a note simply by listening to it, just as easily as one might identify a color they see without comparing it to another. I think the most impressive thing about this video is that this lady taught her dog how to play a keyboard! Considering that dogs have a much better sense of hearing than we humans do, this makes me wonder if all dogs have perfect pitch, we just haven't given them a chance to show it off. Hmmm....

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