Monday Round Up, June 3rd

Welcome to the new week! We've got a collection of music and health stories in videos to get your week started right. Let's get to it!

Music Therapy Could Ease Anxiety In Patients With Respiratory Failure, Study Finds (Huffington Post)

Cool new study finds that patients on ventilator support listening to recordings of their favorite music helps ease pain and even lower the amount of sedatives needed. The project was assisted by a music therapist, and while we generally prefer live music or at least a live interaction with a therapist, projects and studies like these are important for scaling the field of music therapy.

Music Therapy Bonds Parents and Preemies (USA Today/AP)

It's always exciting to see music therapy coverage on major media like the AP and USA Today! This is a great short video on the NICU music therapy program at Chicago Children's Hospital. Definitely worth a look!

The Most Important Book Of The Year Is Out -- And You Likely Won't Read It (Forbes)

The DSM-V, the diagnostic manual for mental and neurologic disorders, has been released. This Forbes article discusses the importance of the book in the health community. Specifically, the diagnosis process for autism has seen some changes. Just how these changes will affect the autism community remains to be seen, but we'll do our best to provide information and guidance as we learn more.

Watch 32 metronomes all sync with each other!


Finally, a little just-for-fun video. Watch as 32 metronomes all slowly get in sync with each other. The metronomes are mounted on a swinging board, which allows the energy from one metronome to be transfered to the others.

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